Congrats to Ellen Jacoby!

Saturday night was a memorable evening. I got the opportunity to witness my first “keys to the city” ceremony (I thought the key would be bigger, and does anyone know what door it’s supposed to open?) It was given to Casting director” Extraordinaire” Ellen Jacoby for 25 years of service. A well deserved award, But for me the most moving thing was when her parents came up to the microphone to say a few words. Her father a very charming and elegant man, had a very funny story about a young Ellen getting into trouble because she pulled the fire alarm “ Daddy, It said PULL”. . . so I did. This showing her daring and gutsy spirit from early on. And her Mom saying how proud she was, while getting choked up . This made me think about my Mom and about my daughter’s growing up to be spectacular and to be honest It wouldn’t make a difference if was a certificate for perfect attendance in school. The wonderful thing is to be honored in the company of your loved ones.

Thank You..\o/\o/\o/
Sarahi Diaz