The Actor Inside by Sarahi Diaz DVD is an insight  to the industry for those who are just starting and those who may just want to make sure that they are taking the  right steps. I have focused on the most commonly asked questions.


How to Kick start your acting Career

by Sarahi Diaz

How to Kick Start your Acting Career from kids to Adults

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My experience as an actress, acting teacher and coach has proven to  me that  sometimes it’s not only  about being an amazing  actor but more about how prepared you are when your opportunity does arrive, how the saying goes “when opportunity meets preparation”.

I noticed that one of the major issues why  some of my brightest students and collegues  where not getting booked,  was  solely based on lack of information.

The Actor Inside by Sarahi Diaz 

Breaking into the film, TV and commercial industry

Learning the basics

Tools you need

what type of headshots do I need?

What makes a great headshot?

Building a good resume.

How to get an Agent

What are Agents looking for

Do’s and Don’ts of Casting

How to make the most of your Casting

How to Slate

What you should do when you get a call back

Tips for success